A Simple Turkey One-Pot Meal That Even The Worst Cook Can Master

My boyfriend came home one night bringing a box full of frozen turkey breasts. When I asked him where they came from (will there be a shortage soon so we’re stocking on turkey?), he told me they were from his mom. For the next few days, I thought of all the dishes I could make with the turkey. For a week, we ate nothing but dishes with turkey on it. By the third day he begged me to spare at least the breakfast because he missed his pancakes so I did.

I agreed because I was getting full of turkey too. It was my best friend who came to the rescue and got some of the packages off of me. She also taught me a new dish she learned just recently that might “bring back my love for turkey”.

It was a turkey one pot similar to this recipe that I found over at Mr. Food. It was turkey breasts cooked in a pot until the meat’s tender and has absorbed the flavor of the other ingredients. Because of the uniqueness of the taste of the dish (it was something we haven’t tried before), we were able to eat another turkey meal without getting tired of the taste.

However, after that week, we stayed away from turkey for a long time. We just recently found back our appetite for it. So let me just share with you that similar one-pot recipe that saved us from turkey overload week!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Mr. Food.




Quick Tip: Serve with your favorite wine.


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