Any Salad Is Better With Bacon…Like This BLT Version

Once a year, we hold an annual family reunion at various places around the town that we live in. Sometimes we go to the park. Other times we have visited the beach. On rainy days we have had to go to banquet halls. It’s just whatever is fitting for the time. Last year, I had just had a baby a few months prior, so I volunteered to host the party at my house. That way, we didn’t have to worry about carting our little bundle of joy around anywhere. It worked out perfectly.

It ended up being a beautiful sunny day so we all got to hang out on the back patio and the little kids got to take advantage of our pool. I didn’t want to skimp out on making a dish to pass like everyone else has to do, so I looked for easy recipes online. I found this BLT salad on and knew it would be perfect.

It went together so easily and everyone truly enjoyed it. Now I make it every year to kick off the summer. Everyone that hasn’t had any before always gives me huge compliments. Those that have had it, check and make sure I’ve brought it before they start filling their plates.

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Quick Tip: Use spinach instead of lettuce.


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