Ridiculously Easy Empanadas: Incredible Flavor Without The Hassle

Who Needs Napkins? You’ll Want To Lick Your Fingers Clean!

The first time I ever tried empanadas was when I dined in a Peruvian restaurant. I’m not sure of the origin of these yummy, filled pastries, but I do know the Peruvian ones were absolutely delicious. I was hooked immediately, and have been enjoying them any chance I get, ever since that day.

Empanadas are pretty popular all over the world these days, but for some of us they have been a little burdensome to make. Feel free to call me lazy but I just never seemed to have the time for making these little pies, filled with flavor.

However, I really love empanadas and I was talking to my friend about this a few weeks ago. She said she has the easiest recipe for these that I have ever seen. Of course, I had to have it right away. And she wasn’t kidding! This is a super simple version of empanadas, and I bet your family will love them as much as mine did.

You can always tweak the filling to make it exactly as you like it!


Quick Tip: These empanadas make the perfect grab-and-go lunch when you’re in a hurry.


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If I make extras to freeze for a later time how do I cook them??? Do they need to be defrosted first??? I definitely plan on making these,, my daughter just mentioned the other day that she would “DIE” to have some!!! LOL so realizing she likes these that much I would love to have them easily available for her… Thank You

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