Poor Man’s Burger And Noodles

For most of my younger childhood years, my mom was lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mom. It wasn’t that we were swimming in money. We just had enough to get by. It was easier, and cheaper for her to stay home when she had three little ones running around. It was nice to always have her there. I never cared about how much money we had or didn’t have. Her love was enough. As we started to get older, she met up with a group of girlfriends and they would do something together one weeknight each week.

It gave her a break from us, and from her duties. Anyone that stays at home knows that you never get to leave your job. You live there. On those nights, Dad was put in charge of the cooking. Because we didn’t have a ton of money, he never tried to order out like most dads do. He would just whip something together with the ingredients he found in the cupboard.

One of his famous dishes, he called it Dad Surprise, was just like this meal from Food.com. It never really looked the best, but it always tasted pretty great. Now, when we are short on grocery money, or even when we aren’t, I will make this for my family too.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Food.com.


Quick Tip: Add in whatever vegetables you have in the fridge.


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