Your Oven Might Not Want To Give These Juicy Steaks Back!

Have you ever had a hankering for some juicy, tender steak but you didn’t feel like pulling out the grill or going to a restaurant? I hear ya! I found this recipe for oven baked steaks on one of my favorite recipes websites and couldn’t have been happier. You see, these steaks are cooked to perfection in the oven and they come out amazingly tender. I’m not even kidding! I didn’t think these oven baked steaks would be worth a lick but boy, was I ever wrong!

Now, first off, let me say that nothing beats a traditionally prepared steak, however, these oven baked steaks are a great alternative for those busy nights when you just want to kill two birds with one stone.

Or would that be cows? LOL Anyway, the seasoning on these steaks is super tasty and really helps to tenderize the meat. My whole family was impressed by these oven baked steaks and yours will be too. Enjoy!

Recipe and photo courtesy of Group Recipes and More is Mom.




Quick Tip: Make sure to sear the steaks in a skillet before baking them for best results.



This is the way steaks are cooked in some of the finest restaurants world wide. Dear both sides first on top of the stove and then into a VERY HOT oven (450-500 degrees). A 1″ steak should cook for 5-8 minutes to give you rare to medium rare. Make sure to let the steak sit for at least 7 minutes after removing from the oven. YUM!!

If you’re going to put the steak in the skillet you might as well just leave it on the skillet. Silly to transfer to another skillet just to throw in the oven. Just cook it on the damn stove.

Porterhouse just happens to be one of the most tender cuts of steak possible next to t bone and tenderloin. So let’s see what this recipe can do to steaks that the AVERAGE household can actually afford. Like top sirloin or eye of round.

You betcha! My 12″ cast iron fry pan and my 1920 GRISWOLD No. 8 “Tite Top” 97 year old Dutch Oven are my 2 prized possessions!

furthermore- you are much better off just leaving the steak in the pan on very low heat for approval 5 additional minutes covered with aluminum foil!!!!! the steak comes out better as it remains in its juices plus less cleanup and steps!!!!!! get a grip rookie

It has a little kick, but if you don’t put too much on, you’re gonna be OK. I have acid reflux, so I know what I’m talking about.

I like the taste of steak. Salt and pepper is enough for me. Cook high heat grill or stove few minutes on each side and let rest, then enjoy.

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