No More Plain Ol’ Sandwiches For Dinner!

Every night for dinner, my husband and I have a bowl of soup.  There are exceptions here and there, but more of than not, we are enjoying a hearty bowl of either split pea, black bean, chicken noodle, baked potato, creamy tomato, broccoli cheddar or garbanzo soup.  It is just something we have gotten accustomed to and honestly look forward to every evening.

My husband is always asking me what soup we will be having that night and I love finding new and improved recipes to make for us that evening! Well, sometimes we are really hungry and just a bowl of soup ain’t gonna cut it.  I mean, when you work hard all day, you want something comforting AND filling when you sit down for dinner at night.

It is truly something we want and love to enjoy so we always find something to go along with our soup instead of replacing it.  For a long time we did grilled cheese sandwiches or paninis.  That is, until we came across this amazing recipe that is the element of a sandwich in a much more fun way.

This recipe is going to give you everything of a sandwich in a cinnamon roll type roll up!

Photo and recipe courtesy of High Heels and Grills.



Quick Tip: Drizzle this with your favorite dressing if you’d like.


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My husband and I love PLAIN OLD SANDWICHES! My husband is the cook at our house but even he wouldn’t want to go to this much trouble just to make a sandwich.

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