Where Have These No-Bake Cookies Been All My Life?

Back when I was a kid, I used to love to go to my Granny’s house whenever she was making cookies. She did it a lot! I didn’t just enjoy the cookie making part, I loved the quality time that we got to spend together. We spent hours in that kitchen, and I learned so much about her past. She always let me vent all my problems to her too. She had the best advice, and never judged me. I miss those times now that she’s gone. I also miss some of her recipes.

See, Granny never worked from a recipe card. Everything she baked, she did from memory. I never really noticed too much back then. She always just told me what to do and I did it. One of my most favorite of all the cookies were her no-bake fudge cookies.

When I found the recipe on Food.com, I could feel myself tearing up a bit. There it was, after all these years. I made those cookies that very night, and I shared them with my kids for a late night snack…they were exactly how I remembered them. My kids all devoured theirs and went back for more.

Now, I can keep this recipe close to me and pass it on to my kids, or maybe my grandkids some day.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Food.com.


Quick Tip: Replace some of the oatmeal with coconut for a new flavor and texture.


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