This Ham And Potato Casserole Never Gets Boring

My Aunt Linda always had the best ideas when we went to her house. She was so crafty, so fun, and she knew how to keep kids entertained. Maybe it was because she never had any children of her own. She had more patience for us when we came over. I just loved going to visit her. There really was never a dull moment. She had lots of animals too, which was my most favorite part of going there. Another aspect that was something to look forward to was her home cooked meals.

She almost never bought takeout or fast food, which you would think kids would like, but we didn’t want to have to leave to go get food. Usually she cooked in the crock pot so that she didn’t miss any fun time with us. She made a ham and potato casserole that never got old. I could have ate that every time I was there and you wouldn’t hear me complain.

I found a recipe that looks pretty close to what she used to make on Group Recipes. Too bad when I cook it, it doesn’t bring back the experiences we had with amazing Aunt Linda.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Group Recipes.


Quick Tip: Line your slow cooker before starting for an easy cleanup.


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