This Chicken Is So Rich It’s Golden

Sit down to dinner and enjoy this delicious crock pot meal of tender chicken and yummy sauce.

Who doesn’t love a meal that takes very little effort to make yet tastes so good that it doesn’t seem like it’s easily made? I, for one, appreciate this kind of meal. After a hard day at work, you would always want to come home to a meal that tastes so good it takes away every bit of tiredness from your body.  There was a time in my life that I really needed to rely on my reliable slow cooker. During that time, I had a job that required me to meet a lot of clients outside the house and in different places. That was the thing with freelance.

While you have control over your own time, you’re also required to adjust to a lot of requirements from the clients’ side, and that included driving for miles to do research for them. I had a very irregular schedule. My routine was composed of waking up, leaving, and then going home and sleeping. Because I drove for hours, I feel really tired when I came home. All the food that I cooked during that month’s time was slow-cooked. I barely had any time to spare and the only solution I could find was to cook something that didn’t need looking over. My slow cooker kept me sane during those gruesome times.




Quick Tip: You can use frozen chicken.


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