Cheese Curds Made The Right Way…Wisconsin Style!

Back in my high school years, we had one of those old-fashioned diners located in the middle of town. It was the kind that you could drive up to with your car and someone would come out and hook a tray to your window after your order was complete. You don’t see too many of those these days. I remember the first time I actually got to drive instead of ride for once. I had a much better view of the menu, and I saw cheese curds for the first time.

I asked my passenger if they had ever tried them and he said no, so I figured we would give them a shot. They were amazingly delicious, of course. After that, I tried them at plenty of other places throughout my college and adult years, but nothing ever seemed to compare. When I found this recipe on Recipe Lion, I figured I would give them a shot at home.

The worst that could happen is they would be bad. They were so easy to make, and they were just as good as those ones I remember having back when I first got my driver’s license. I’m not sure what the difference is with the other ones, but I’ll never buy these at a drive-thru again!

Recipe courtesy of Recipe Lion. Photo credits to Reddit.


Quick Tip: Serve with your favorite dipping sauces.


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