7 Recipes Your Grandmother Should Have Taught You

7 easy comfort food recipes buttermilk caramel icing cake

Every Mom Should Memorize These Recipes!

It’s been almost a year since my grandmother passed away and I still think of her every time I start cooking or baking. I always wear an apron that she made for me when I was complaining about the oil that had ruined one of my favorite shirts. She was just the sweetest lady and always had something delicious to serve whenever someone stopped by. You know, those easy comfort food recipes that always make you feel at home.

She lived in her own apartment until the end – she was 97 and she never stopped cooking. We were all in awe over how she was able to do all that stuff at her age. Plus, anything she cooked or baked was so delicious!

I wish she had had a handwritten cookbook but she was one of those old-fashioned ladies who truly memorized all the best recipes – or had such amazing cooking skills that she really didn’t need to measure ingredients. I can’t remember a single time I would have seen her follow an actual recipe. Which is a shame, because I would have loved to try and make her recipes!

Fortunately, I’ve been able to find some very comforting recipes that totally remind me of hers. I am definitely going to hold on to these – or maybe even do what grandma did and try to memorize these!


Quick tip: Don’t worry, you won’t need to memorize all of these – just set a bookmark on this page and you can come back whenever you feel like making these!



Looking for a recipe Mom used to make. She called it Baked Eggs. They looked like deviled eggs, but I don’t know what they were filled with. They were baked in a shallow casserole with a white sauce.

We call this Eggs Casino. Make your fav deviled egg recipe. Prepare a white sauce (butter, flour, milk) and add some grated Parmesan cheese. Pour sauce over eggs and bake in 350 oven until sauce browns a little bit. Quick, easy and yummy.

My mom put them in a muffin tin, 1 egg, cover with a pat of butter, whipping cream and salt and pepper. Bake

Do you think you could do this as patties instead of a meatloaf? My family is little, so a meatloaf would be a lot of food for us.

There were measurements on all ingredients. If you’re asking does the “t.” Mean teaspoon or tablespoon, as it’s lower case, it denotes a teaspoon. An upper case “T” would be a tablespoon.

I love how you made the Sheppard pie.
I never added caramelized meat nor corn. Can not wait to use Beef stock instead of ? tomato paste and water.

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