Why I Make This Twice A Week (And Maybe You Should, Too!)

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine. She doesn’t have kids but it seems right now, she’s going through the busiest time of her life. She’s studying, working two jobs, trying to start her own small business and doing some voluntary work as well.

She was worried because it seemed she never had time to cook “real food”. Instead she and her husband always had takeover, or just grabbed a frozen pizza from the store. She likes to follow a healthy lifestyle so she wasn’t too happy about this.

I told her I have just the right thing for her! This recipe is perfect for anyone who wants a proper meal but doesn’t have too much extra time for cooking. You only need 10 minutes of prep time for this!

Then just a half an hour in the oven and you have a hearty meal in front of you. It really doesn’t get much easier than that!

Recipe and image courtesy of Creole Contessa.



Quick Tip: Use your favorite cheese for this!



wow – sounds good – however, very rich with all the cream and different cheeses – If I made this for my family 2 times per week, though (there’s only 2 of us) – we would be eating it 24/7, 3 meals a day ! I would have to cut way back on the amount of ingredients to make it for 2 people. One day, when I feel in the mood to experiment again.

Very fatty, I would not call this healthy at all. Carrots are the only healthy ingredient. Not good to eat this twice a week or more… Sound tasty for a treat every once in a while though.

Who cares if it’s healthy if it’s good. It not like your going to eat it 7 days a week. Skinny is out. Healthy fat is in. Granny fan.

Confused ??? Directions say cook according to pkg directions ; then says remove rice from pkg and place in bowl ?? Guess I just have to use common sense to figure it out … lol Does sound good … chopped broccoli and chicken would be good …. would cut recipe in half unless fixing two casserole for a potluck dinner or something ; or fix and freeze half for later …,

The rice is in a package. You open the package AFTER squeezing it to unclump the rice, then microwave it for 90 seconds and it’s cooked. Just read the instructions on the package of rice.
With that being said, it sounds like a great go to meal. I cannot wait to try it out.

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