Why I Make This Twice A Week (And Maybe You Should, Too!)

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I just got off the phone with a friend of mine. She doesn’t have kids but it seems right now, she’s going through the busiest time of her life. She’s studying, working two jobs, trying to start her own small business and doing some voluntary work as well.

She was worried because it seemed she never had time to cook “real food”. Instead she and her husband always had takeover, or just grabbed a frozen pizza from the store. She likes to follow a healthy lifestyle so she wasn’t too happy about this.

I told her I have just the right thing for her! This recipe is perfect for anyone who wants a proper meal but doesn’t have too much extra time for cooking. You only need 10 minutes of prep time for this!

Then just a half an hour in the oven and you have a hearty meal in front of you. It really doesn’t get much easier than that!

Recipe and image courtesy of Creole Contessa.



Quick Tip: Use your favorite cheese for this!


  1. Allison says

    If she likes following healthy lifestyle, THIS is not for her. Pizza is definitely better. This has enough fat and sodium for a week, in one meal.. No way, and twice a week? Never!

    1. Ardy (Ardith) Pifer says

      I took one look and said too much sodium and too much fat. NOT healthy.

  2. Pat Stewar says

    Directions for prep confusing. It says to cook the rice according to package instructions. Then beat eggs, cream and half of the spices. Then it says remove the rice from the package and place in large bowl. Top rice with remaining seasonings, cream/egg mixture, carrots, ham, cheese, onions and place in casserole dish.

    Do I cook the rice or not according to package directions? Before putting in the oven to bake 30 minutes?

  3. Donna says

    I don’t think this recipe will do a thing of your friends healthy lifestyle. Cheese, cheese and more chees!

  4. Jacquie says

    I love cheese as much as the next person, but 4 cups of cheese is a little excessive in any recipe and FAR from healthy cooking.

  5. lennie says

    How much rice? I prefer to make the regular not the instant type. Thanks so much. L

  6. Monica says

    I don’t know about how healthy this would be with all that cheese, heavy cream and ham. Whew! My arteries are clogging up as I type this. I’ll say this though, it sounds delicious.

  7. Sue says


  8. Mike Scotty says

    The recipe sounds like a commercial for Brands

  9. Candy says

    Recipe a little confusing to me. First it said to cook rice according to package. Then 2 steps down it said to remove the rice from package and place in a large bowl. So do we cook the rice first or not? Would love to try this, but don’t want to ruin it.

    1. Sandy says

      The rice is probably ready to cook in a boiling bag. Thus precooking it in the bag and then removing it from the package to use in the recipe.

  10. shailini sisodia says

    hmn, are you trying to give your friend a heart attack?? It will be at least 8 servings, but still – all that cheese , heavy cream etc etc! You can substitute at least one cup of the cream with low fat evaporated milk, for example

    1. Jessica Faidley says

      Well, we are at odds…

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