Why I Make This Twice A Week (And Maybe You Should, Too!)

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine. She doesn’t have kids but it seems right now, she’s going through the busiest time of her life. She’s studying, working two jobs, trying to start her own small business and doing some voluntary work as well.

She was worried because it seemed she never had time to cook “real food”. Instead she and her husband always had takeover, or just grabbed a frozen pizza from the store. She likes to follow a healthy lifestyle so she wasn’t too happy about this.

I told her I have just the right thing for her! This recipe is perfect for anyone who wants a proper meal but doesn’t have too much extra time for cooking. You only need 10 minutes of prep time for this!

Then just a half an hour in the oven and you have a hearty meal in front of you. It really doesn’t get much easier than that!

Recipe and image courtesy of Creole Contessa.



Quick Tip: Use your favorite cheese for this!



wow – sounds good – however, very rich with all the cream and different cheeses – If I made this for my family 2 times per week, though (there’s only 2 of us) – we would be eating it 24/7, 3 meals a day ! I would have to cut way back on the amount of ingredients to make it for 2 people. One day, when I feel in the mood to experiment again.

Very fatty, I would not call this healthy at all. Carrots are the only healthy ingredient. Not good to eat this twice a week or more… Sound tasty for a treat every once in a while though.

Who cares if it’s healthy if it’s good. It not like your going to eat it 7 days a week. Skinny is out. Healthy fat is in. Granny fan.

Good comment! If someone is looking for diet food, there are plenty of recipe sites for that. I dislike lectures that scold people who post recipes. If a recipe doesn’t suit someone, the person should move on and search for one that does, instead of giving health food advice to people who don’t need or want it.

Absolutely agree with you PH! There are plenty of sites out there if you want super healthy recipes…just move on! No need to criticize the recipe! Sounds wonderful to me…..I don’t have to serve it everyday, but once in a while would be such a treat! I have pinned it!

Confused ??? Directions say cook according to pkg directions ; then says remove rice from pkg and place in bowl ?? Guess I just have to use common sense to figure it out … lol Does sound good … chopped broccoli and chicken would be good …. would cut recipe in half unless fixing two casserole for a potluck dinner or something ; or fix and freeze half for later …,

The rice is in a package. You open the package AFTER squeezing it to unclump the rice, then microwave it for 90 seconds and it’s cooked. Just read the instructions on the package of rice.
With that being said, it sounds like a great go to meal. I cannot wait to try it out.

I would love to try this using Jasmine rice..Just wondering how many cups of uncooked rice I may use for this recipe and then add the garlic and butter to it??? Thanks..

Use evaporated skim milk. I keep a couple of cans on the shelf all the time and always substitute it for cream. With all the cheese, you can’t tell the difference.

With all the rich ingredients = heavy cream, loaded salt from cheese and etc. should only eat sparingly at best. Not for diabetics or low salt diet or anyone dieting.

Looks good but I’m lactose intolerant and that sounds like a whole lot of cheese!! My hubbie would love it but MY body would not!!!!! 🙁 Wouldn’t even bother with the prep work if I can’t eat it!!! And hubbie would be terribly upset if he ever saw it and found out I wouldn’t do the prep!!!! 🙁 Don’t care!!! 😉 LOL

Of course, it’s tasty. It’s loaded, loaded, loaded with saturated fat and salt, enough for several days in one serving. As far as healthy goes, she’d be better off with a frozen pizza! Much better!

Such self-righteousness I’m seeing here from the Food Police. Stop with all the negativity. Just don’t make it for yourself or your family. Feed them lettuce and a teaspoonful of quinoa and post your recipe for that yummy dish. Bravo, Jessica. P.S. I’m 76 and very healthy and I’d eat this occasionally. So back off with the snobbery.

10 min of prep time…..really?? It would take 10 min, just to open the packages of cheese let alone the grating of said cheeses ! It sounds great.

I fail to see the reasoning behind people reading a recipe and then complain about the ingredients. Good grief! If it has too much fat, sugar, carbs, etc etc etc to suit your taste just move on along and find one that does suit you. Is your life really that empty?

Tasty stuff “positive”…….however we can all learn ,from what you call “negative”
These people are not complaining…….If your sharing a receipe…..Please ,check each ingredient for benefits,healthy factors…………We do not need to be tired and not feeling energetic after a meal…..We do need to make our cells,tissues ,organs etc. smile,…..Right?……..Anyone understand what I am saying?…Grateful:)

WOW This world has become full of mean-spirited people. So many here complaining about this recipe. Just skip over it and go on with your miserable lives. I can’t eat it BUT I saved it for a function I might go to. It sounds delicious. Even complaining about the bag rice. Jessica you are a saint to even bother putting your lovely recipes on here. I just can’t believe all that crap. Lets all smile and praise God we are here to make this or not make this and go on our merry way. I for one, am going to do just that. Thanks and bye bye, Leta

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