Deviled Ham Salad Has Gotta Be Straight From Heaven

I remember the first time I tried deviled ham spread. It was at my grandma’s house when I was a little girl. Grandma kept saying deviled ham and I was wondering why she was saying bad words haha! Grandma told me that it was the name of the spread and although it was quite silly, the food was very good. I agreed with grandma because grandma was and still is always right. Seriously, who would ever dare argue with grandma?

Years later, as an adult, I have learned to make my own deviled ham spread. my husband absolutely loves it. I often pack his lunches for work with deviled ham sandwiches. For some reason, deviled ham seems to stay cooler in his lunchbox than a regular ham sandwich does. Oh, the irony! This recipe for deviled ham spread is very easy to make.

When I was young, my Mother would make “deviled ham” using that canned stuff. I think it’s called potted something or other. She loved it but I found it rather disgusting. This is an homage to my Mom and the nights she sat watching tv while eating her deviled ham and crackers.

Recipe courtesy of Group Recipes and South Your Mouth.


Quick Tip: If you like a kick to it like we do, add a smidge of hot sauce, I used Sriracha.



My mom made this whenever there was a wedding , funeral or other celebration.
Hers was made from a “ring of Bologna” which was readily available in the early forties. My job was to feed the bologna into a hand grinder alternating with pickles. Great memories, think I will make some.

I have made this for years, we call it ham salad until one day my granddaughter was watching me make it an she said grandma you use bologne not ham an my secret was out. I also put hard boiled eggs crushed, pickles ,cheese ,miracle whip. I have a hand grinder I use for the cheese an bologne.

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