You’re Gonna Want To Sample These Savory Sausage Balls – Yummo!

Most of my guy friends love either football or baseball. You will never be able to make them turn away from the television whenever it’s football or baseball season. I, on the other hand, prefer basketball. It’s just that it’s easier to understand the rules of basketball. Also, I used to watch a lot of intercollegiate leagues when I was in college because of the school paper.

It’s the reason why I was able to develop an appreciation for the game. Among my friends, it was only Marco who loves basketball. But since we are his friends, we always support his mini tournaments. He and his other set of friends always hold basketball tournaments for charity. Marco comes from a family of philanthropists and they always have this kind of activity.

Marco always even convinces the boys to participate in the games. Even though they’re not huge fans of basketball, they still like the game and play it. After one afternoon of a successful basketball game, Marco invited us to their house.

He rewarded us with a small dinner which involved those little sausage balls that tasted so good. I might or might have not eaten a lot. But then, I wasn’t the only one! Everyone was more or less, a fan of those balls that day.


Quick Tip: To avoid being too dry make sure all ingredients are at room temperature and mix sausage and biscuit mix first then add the cheese.


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