Winter Is Coming: Charming Chicken Noodle Soup

What’s The Best Meal To Eat After Church? Chicken Noodle Soup, Of Course.

As a kid, whenever I got sick, all I wanted was my mommy. She would bring me blankets, warm washcloths, a cool beverage, and my personal favorite, piping hot chicken noodle soup. It always seemed like after some of that soup hit my tummy, I felt a lot better. Now that I have kids of my own, I want to be able to comfort them the same way. No matter how hard I tried to make soup the way my mom used to, it never seemed to turn out right.

It’s always hard to make something when the recipe is full of a pinch of that and a dab of that. I work better knowing exactly what I need in precise amounts at first. Then, I can always make changes.

The last time my oldest boy got sick with the flu, there wasn’t a thing that he could keep down. I felt so helpless watching him suffer. Then I remembered the magic of chicken noodle soup.

I went to the kitchen right away and whipped up this little dish. It only took a short time after he ate and he was sitting up and looking a lot better. Now, every time any of my children get sick, this is my go-to soup!




Quick Tip: Throw all the ingredients in a crockpot for an easier prep.


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