Whole Wheat Caramel Pecan Pull Apart Bread That Satisfy’s The Old Sweet Tooth

George doesn’t like anything with wheat. Not that he’s allergic, but he just doesn’t like the “grainy” taste (that’s how he often describes it). His wife on the other hand loves anything with wheat because they taste more natural according to her. And she loves the “grainy” goodness that George doesn’t love. George is one of my cousins whom I am very close to since we’re kids.

He’s quite a nice guy too, so unlike Rob who’s still a prankster. Just don’t test his hatred for wheat because he’ll hate you forever. Kidding! His wife attempted a lot of methods just to get him to eat whole wheat.

Wheat is good for the body and while George is healthy as a horse, he needs to start looking after his health because we’re not getting any younger. His wife’s most successful attempt is her mother’s old family recipe of whole wheat pecan pull apart bread.

She modified the ingredients a bit because some of the ingredients in the recipe were a bit impossible to get in groceries, but they tasted great. I knew because I was there when his wife served it to him. I witnessed how he actually closed his eyes in pleasure as he chewed on the really delicious bread. Well, wife, one point for you! George truly couldn’t resist any sugary goodness!

Photo and recipe courtesy of the Seasons And Suppers.




Quick Tip: Punching down removes some of the gas bubbles formed by the yeast during rising and produces a finer grain. (Red Star Yeast)


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