What’s Hidden In This Casserole Will Blow You Away

This Classic Gets A Quick And Easy Makeover!

This is another one of those recipes that will save you time and effort. We all know that cordon bleu requires a bit of meticulousness and a bit of an effort because of how it’s presented. And while this cordon bleu recipe does require a bit of an effort, it doesn’t need that meticulousness that usually eats up most of our time. This cordon bleu recipe is for those people who need every bit of extra time they can get in a day.

Many moms have to accomplish different tasks brought about by life such as household chores, work, and those tiny tasks that come unexpectedly. That’s when we need easy recipes like this! I always make this once in a while because it’s truly convenient for me.

I don’t have to worry about not being able to eat properly because I have go-to dishes such as this one. It will provide me a complete healthier meal without the hassle and too much effort; and it will satisfy my taste buds.

If you want a copy of this easy cordon bleu recipe, you can find the list of ingredients and instructions in the next page. Check it out and see how you can have this savory meal in just a few minutes!

Recipe and image courtesy of Pillsbury.


Quick tip: If it’s for a fancy dinner, you can serve this with your favorite wine.



What to hell is McArthur milk ? ?
Burns me up when people start naming things like Morton salt, Domino sugar, chinese spice etc.
You are using the WORLD WIDE WEB !
Are you aware there are other places in the world ? besides USA, China, Russia ??, France ???
Chicken Cordon Bleu likely comes from the Cordon Bleu School of Cooking
Another point … shred your own cheese. Pre-shredded cheeses purchased in a store add flour or starch to keep the cheese from lumping together. If you use it you may not end up withe desired result.

Ric, get a grip. Do you realize that you do not have to use these brand names? For example, I have a Pillsbury Cookbook in my cupboard. What happens when I don’t have Pillsbury flour in my pantry? Do I just not make the recipe? No. I use what I have on hand.

Just a brand of milk use whatever area your stores carry .like mine would be Blue Bunny of Highlands or Kroger’s milk. good old fashion cow milk’s.

People don’t just spend all their time and money making, testing, and postingmrecipes to,upset people, they do it to share a good recipe and to earn money, like any other job, of course they know you can use any milk, but if that brand is a sponsor of your website you need to mention their name and product as much as possible. It’s not rocket science and I don’t know why someone earning an honest living at no cost to you should “drive you crazy”:and most people are happy to know they can use the prepackaged products because time is the one thing they don’t have lots of,because they too are out there earning an honest living, and everyone knows they cann shred their own or use their local brand of milk, perhaps you should comment on the good things about this site or recipe, or something helpful to other cooks, and if you do t like how they do it, just get your recipes from some other site, it’s all available out there on the “world wide web”.

Thank you so much for saying this, Judy. I think some people think that those in the marketing/ad and internet content writing business shouldn’t be paid. I’m not sure why folks feel this way as marketing/ad and content creation has been around for decades. Hasn’t anyone ever watched the TV show Mad Men that is based off of true characters from the Madison Avenue copywriting agencies during the 1950 – the 1970s?

I agree with Ric. No need to get upset over it but there is also no need to add brand names to the ingredients since most use the brand they prefer or whatever they have on hand.

Adding brand names does no harm to anyone. Like you said, use the brands you prefer. If anyone feels they are held to using the brands that we list they need to know that we don’t control the universe.

LOL Ric – SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Hahahahahaha! It’s a great recipe – use whatever freaking brand you want and go to the self-help section of your local library after dinner.

In Ric’s defense, it is not clear to those who don’t know what McArthur milk is. We don’t know if it’s a brand or a milk with other ingredients in it. I had never heard of that brand so I wondered what kind of milk it was also. For example, was it a form of condensed milk or have other ingredients in it? If you’ve never heard of a particular brand, then how do we know it’s a brand name? So yes. It should never be listed. I agree with him what’s wrong with just saying “milk”? Oh that’s right u don’t get money if u just say milk. It doesn’t make me angry, but it did waste time having to Google it to see what it was. No. This isn’t the first time I saw it.

Why is it wrong for us to make money from using ads/brand names? Do you go to work and work for free? I’d assume that this day in age if one didn’t know what something was they’d just use Google to look it up as you stated that you did. Wasted your time? I’m guessing it took you a whole 3 seconds to complete your Google search.

then why leave such an ignorant reply?…most of these bloggers are sponsored by certain brands and are obliged to mention them whenever possible…obviously you can use whatever brands you want…are you brain dead?…

As a Copywriter, I take NO offense at branding showing up in a free recipe. I write mostly Email Copy and Sales Letters, myself, but as an avid cook and someone who is currently writing my own cookbook of favorite recipes from family and friends, I’d love to learn more about the paid branding, discussed above!

How about someone tries the recipe and tells us how it turns out? Does everything on the internet have to be negative or turn into an argument? It’s just a recipe!! Be happy people!!!

If you look before you get the actual recipe there is a list of the brand’s that sponsor the site so yes, it is necessary for the brand to be mentioned. If you don’t like it, go to a different site. If you don’t know what something is, Google it.

I see a lot of recipes which are on a company site so if they call for an item that the company makes they put a brand name on it. I just use my head and go for it. The only thing that often confuses me is “evaporated milk” cause sometimes they mean “sweetened evaporated milk” aka “Eagle Brand milk”.

Actually not, evaporated milk is way different to condensed both are heated to drive water off as steam but one is heated much longer to drive more off, these days maybe not so much but then again probably milk sugar is added to thicken. You can generally tell if the end result is a sweet pastry type over savoury creamy.

Keri………I had the same problem. I think the biscuit are placed on the bottom of the greased dish. Add the chicken/ham/cheese mix. Put final cup of cheese on the top. The photo looked like cheese squares. Oh, well, adjust where need be to get a good result. Spices are missing, too. I would add some spices that we enjoy. Good luck!

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