Tropical Flavors Meet Southern Chicken Fingers – What A Combo!

Whenever I visit my friend Jay, I always play with his adorable daughter. Cassie is a sweet little blonde girl who loves to dress up every day in frilly little dresses that make her look like a living doll. She has really rosy and puffy cheeks that I always love squishing whenever I’m around her. Her parents are so proud of her. She is a well-behaved child with proper manners even at such a young age.

She is smart and is very curious about a lot of things. And she is a very sweet girl. She always kisses you on the cheeks and gives you the warmest hugs.

Jay and his wife are the proudest parents. Until it’s time to eat. Sweet Cassie doesn’t throw a fuss, but she remains quite and refuses to touch the food if it’s something she doesn’t like.

The weird thing is, she eats anything except she always wants a particular taste. She doesn’t want something just salty or sweet or sour—she wants a combination. Diana, her mother, says her own mother has been a blessing.

She is providing Diana with an arsenal of recipes that can satisfy the odd tastebuds of her darling daughter. This recipe is another version of that sweet crunchy chicken that I tasted during one of my visits in their house. It’s called coconut chicken fingers. It’s Cassie’s favorite things to nibble on.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Southern Bite.



Quick Tip: Serve with your favorite salad.


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