Triple Your Pleasure With These Chocolate Caramel Toffee Bars

Good morning, everyone! I hope this post finds you all rested and happy. So, I think I must have been dreaming about dessert last night because when I woke up these cookie bars were on my mind. Just look at how delicious they appear! You’ve got chocolate, caramel, and toffee all hanging out together in one yummy bar. No wonder these bars were in my dreams!

They are like a dessert lover’s fantasy come true. Another thing that is quite dreamy about these dessert bars is how easy they are to make. There truly isn’t much hassle that goes into them at all. With the holidays all around us and people needing desserts to share with others and to serve at their Christmas dinners, I think these bars would be the perfect choice.

They are not hard to make and you can easily double or triple the batch if you need, too. I think I’ll make these and place them into decorative goody boxes to give away during Christmas caroling this year. How fun would that be?! Just do yourself a favor and don’t figure out the fat content in this dessert lol!

Recipe and photo courtesy of Group Recipes and Baby Gizmo.



Quick Tip: I’ve added peanut butter chips into the mix before and the bars turned out heavenly.


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These sound sooo good, I can hardly wait to make them. Have everything but the caramels & can’t go to the store again today. (Have already been there and just don’t have time to do it again.) I just know I will have a hard time giving any of them away, once they are made. My oh my!!!!!!!!!!!

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