Thumbprint Cookies: A Holiday Tradition

Festive And Oh So Sweet!

My Mom never fails to embarrass me in front of guests until now. She always tells them my childhood adventures; adventures that often led to disasters that were more embarrassing than fatal. Most of these involved the kitchen. I burned a lot of recipes. I sneaked out a lot of food. And I spilled a lot of ingredients on the floor. Mom says she even found me asleep by the fridge one night, a bottle of peanut butter me on the floor. She told me I might have been sleepwalking. I didn’t believe her of course. I have a long memory! I would have remembered that.

Despite all of these simple accidents though, Mom still allowed me to help in the kitchen, most especially when she’s baking. She allowed me and my brother to do the simple things such as putting sprinkles on top of the cupcakes when they’re frosted already or mixing the batter while she was taking something out of the oven. They were simple things, but they made me and my brother feel important. Like even though we’re kids, we were shown that we were trusted. It might seem just a small thing, but that actually helped shaped us as a person. This recipe reminds me of those good, fun, and happy times. You may want to check this out!




Quick Tip: Note that the cookies cook longer but at a lower temperature, 300.


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