Throw These Into A Casserole Dish And You’ll Have The Most Delish Meal On The Planet

I Could Have This For Dinner Every Night, For The Rest Of My Life

I am definitely into pork chop casseroles. I usually don’t like pork chops all that much but when you put the cuts of meat into a casserole, especially ones containing potatoes, I’m all in. This bake comes out super creamy and flavorful. Every inch of the pork and spuds are covered with a thick cream sauce that really warms the belly. My kids really liked this casserole. However, I did not tell them that there was cream of mushroom soup in the mix, haha!

Mushroom-anything is always a dealbreaker for my brood. My husband and I like mushrooms and onions but the kiddos, not so much. Anyway, they didn’t notice the tiny mushrooms floating around this delicious casserole and seemed to enjoy it alright. Yay!

This is the perfect, super easy casserole recipe. You barely have to lift a finger to brown these chops in the skillet, and then just throw everything into the oven and sit back while your dinner is getting ready!

I love serving this either with steamed broccoli or a fresh, green salad. However, this dish doesn’t really need any sides. It’s absolutely divine as is!


Quick Tip: Skip the added salt in this recipe if you like a meal with a little less sodium.



question from a Canadian–what is a LARGE can of mushroom soup? we only have one size here–the normal 10 3/4 oz can–is that what you mean?? if not, what is the amount of ounces in a large can? would love to make this recipe but need clarification first

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