This Quiche With A Mind-Blowing Crust Is The Best You’ll Ever Have

Sit Down Before You Have a Taste Because This Meal Is Amazing

I’m not kidding, I ate this quiche until I felt like I just finished a holiday meal. Unfortunately, I wasn’t wearing sweats or leggings so I had to unbutton my shorts and just take a breather. Who knew something SO incredibly easy would be so phenomenally delicious. This quiche from Jamie Cooks It Up doesn’t even taste homemade, it tastes like it came from the best brunch restaurant around.

I think a lot of the flavor has to do with the smoked paprika which until recently I didn’t understand. I thought all paprika was created equal, but it is not! I need to use that stuff in everything now!

I can’t describe it to you, you just have to make this! Then and only then will you be a believer in the magic that happens when this tater quiche is born. My husband and kids really enjoyed eating this and I know you and yours will, too!

Recipe and image courtesy of Jamie Cooks It Up.


Quick Tip: You can squirt some ketchup on this quiche but it is so flavorful that yo really don’t need to.



I have a rare stomach disease so I use evaporated skim milk and half eggbeaters. I end up by using half eggbeaters it would be like six eggs.
I add mushrooms, increase cheese a little, two cheeses, and before baking I sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top. I also use spinach and lean Ham cubes sometimes. I leave out the peppers, onions etc. Sometimes no type of crust.

I make it this way often. All guests have loved it.

Smoked Paprika can be purchased from any store thst sells spices, or Amazon, Whole Foods or The Spanish Table. You can buy sweet, mild, or hot.

I really love your recipes. However, for some reason you have changed the formatting. There are ads all over the ingredients and directions and the page keeps jumping up and down. How do you expect anyone to print a recipe when you can’t even see it? I think I will quit visiting your web site! To bad because as I said I do love your recipes!

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