This Incredible Icing Wins The Internet Today (And Tomorrow, And Forever After)

Cover Your Next Cake With This Is Extra Creamy Icing And Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again

Have you been looking for a cream cheese icing recipe that would stand out from the crowd and wow everyone who had a taste? I assure you, you’ve come to the right place – this icing is so delicious, it’s going to make you want to slap your momma.

I’ve tried all kinds of frosting and icing recipes over the years, and yes, some of them have been great! I do have another recipe for a thick cream cheese frosting that works perfectly for certain cakes, but this one? This is the creamiest thing on the planet, and I always make this when I want the dessert cake to turn out extra special.

You will be surprised to see that there is no butter in this recipe, even though the icing looks almost buttery! I totally love this icing with spice cakes and super dark chocolate cakes, but I bet it will work with pretty much any cake you decide to make.


Quick Tip: Do not taste the icing straight from the bowl – you won’t be able to stop eating it!



Friend of mine made something similar-but she didn’t use cream cheese, she used shortening. And beat it in the mixer along with the milk mixture for about 30 minutes-Used it for her mini-ladylocks-Have to say it was very good. But this sounds so much better. Thank you

Hi, Brenda! Our ads don’t cover the recipe. They may sit between the lines of the recipe but everything is all there and visible 🙂

Would love to have a creamy icing like this but I am lactose intolerant so cream cheese is out. I can use lactaid milk however so any replacement for cream cheese?

Terry, there are many dairy free cream cheeses out there. And use soy or almond milk as a substitute for the cow’s milk. Turns out great. I substitute with these ingredients often and they turn out great.

I think you could do a number of things to incorporate chocolate into the frosting but I can’t say I’ve done it with this particular recipe. First I would purchase chocolate cream cheese (Philadelphia makes it) and I would use chocolate milk instead of white or I would blend cocoa powder into the cream cheese. They also have chocolate extracts.

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