These Roll Ups Will Make You Feel Like You’re Having Breakfast In A Fancy Hotel

Are You Struggling With Picky Eaters? Not Anymore!

I used to have a hard time eating breakfast. It seemed like I couldn’t even think about food at that time of day, and I often left the house with nothing but a cup of coffee. By lunchtime I was always starving and could barely stand up.

That’s when I reached for the emergency food that I always carried in my handbag; chocolate bars, candy, and everything else I would never let my kids eat, haha! At some point I realized it wasn’t very healthy, and I wasn’t feeling good at all. So I started looking for breakfast dishes I would enjoy.

Oatmeal was not an option, and I also wanted it to be something I could take with me, wrapped in foil, in case I did feel like leaving the house with an empty stomach, after all. I came across this heavenly looking recipe on Mark Cersosimo’s channel and there was no going back! When I saw them pour that maple syrup on top of the French toast roll ups, I decided I would have breakfast every single day.

You can make these as healthy or as “desserty” as you’d like, by using different fillings!

Recipe and image courtesy of Mark Cersosimo – check out his awesome channel!


Quick Tip: Any kind of filling works for this recipe! I like sweet tomato and chili jam!


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