There’s Big Flavor In These Simple Scalloped Potatoes!

When you have a friend that loves something, you can expect that friend to make a lot of recipes based on that ingredient. One of my friends loves fish so much so most of the time, he cooks fish recipes. One of my friends is in love with asparagus, and believe me, she always serves us lunch or dinner with asparagus on it. There is this one friend who is obsessed with butter, so everything she cooks makes use of butter instead of oil.

I have to say her buttered vegetables is one of my favorites. She makes the vegetables soft and cripsy at the same time. Jordin loves potatoes.

She reminds me of that girl in one of the Japanese cartoons that is being shown in one of the cartoon channels in the cable (I know because my niece watches anything that’s animated). That girl is called “Potato Girl” and Jordin can take on the role of potato girl. My most favorite potato recipe from her is her scalloped potato recipe.

She just puts a lot of cheese on it and potato and cheese are really good together. I found a similar recipe on except that this one uses other types of cheese. Jordin uses a lot of mozzarella on hers. I hope you enjoy this extremely cheesy dish!

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Quick Tip: You can split the casserole into two 8×8’s and put one in the freezer for another dinner.


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