The Quickest And Easiest Way To Make Apple Fritter Bread!

I am known to get a lot of heartburn.  It is an uncomfortable scenario that prevents me from eating a lot of my favorite foods.  Sometimes it’s so annoying that I cannot eat the foods I enjoy so much.  Some of my favorite foods are those that involve apples.  Think caramel apple empanadas, apple crisp, and my latest favorite, apple fritters. The only issue with apple fritters is that they are fried. Although they are amazingly delicious, they do not settle well with me.  So I set out to find a solution for that!

Now what I do is bake this apple fritter bread!  It has all the taste and elements of a classic apple fritter without the oil so I am able to eat it as much as I want!  And I will admit, I think it is even better than those classic apple fritters I used to love and devour.  This bread lasts longer and tastes better.  Even my neighbor Anne, a food connoisseur, agrees and says this is far better than regular apple fritters.  She says she would choose these any day!

Recipe courtesy of The Baking ChocolaTess. Image courtesy of The Blonde Can Cook.




Quick Tip: Use a lot of chopped apples in here to get the full experience!



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