Super Easy Skillet Corn Muffin Tamale Pie

I love watching cooking shows when I was a kid.

I remember that if I wasn’t watching cartoons, the television was always on a cooking channel. My brother and I loved watching these chefs cook and bake. Our favorites had to be those dessert shows though because we really couldn’t stop watching our favorite ingredient (chocolate) be turned into different forms of dessert. It’s amazing to watch them do their thing and amazingly at that.

I still watch cooking shows today, because they give such bright ideas. Sometimes, when I am running out of choices even though I have that file of recipes, I just open our television and switch to the cooking channel. These chefs are so inspiring because they’re so good at what they do!

Last time, I was watching this cooking show with the kids, and tamale pie was on the menu. I have cooked tamales before, but I don’t often cook them because they’re not something that my family will eat every day. But once in a while is a good idea, so I tuned in.

That night, we had chicken tamale pie for dinner. I just adjusted the ingredients for my kids, and they loved it as much as their Dad did. It has long since become a part of my roster of meals.

I found a similar recipe online and you can get the full recipe on the next page. Make this for your family and you’ll see those smiles etched on their faces.




Quick Tip: Serve with black bean salad and bread.


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