Sun-Kissed And Sweet Pineapple Chicken

Once a month, we have church group meetings with all the individuals that like to work together to try and see what we can do to make our location the best it can be. We talk about families in the community that might be needing some help. Fundraisers are usually a pretty big topic. We also go over the budget and where we need to put the money that our congregation has so nicely donated. Anyone and everyone is welcome to these meetings, and we usually have a pretty great turnout. Once in a while, we will list the meeting in the bulletin along with a special notation.

Two or three of these gatherings a year are not only the business part, but we like to make it a bit social with a potluck dinner. These are the biggest turnouts we get…because who doesn’t like food? At the last potluck meeting we had, a lady by the name of Mrs. Johnson brought in the most fabulous chicken that I had ever tasted.

She said it was this pineapple chicken recipe from Group Recipes. I was sure to jot it down and take it home with me so I could make it for my family!

Recipe and photo courtesy of Group Recipes.


Quick Tip: Serve over rice or with mashed potatoes.


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