See How Easily You Can Whip Up This Amazing Casserole!

I love sour cream. OH my goodness, I lather that stuff over EVERYTHING! My husband tells me to chill out and not be so generous on his portions, but I get carried away.  I literally think anything and everything tastes better with a dollop of sour cream.  Maybe it is because I love whipped cream and sour cream is the version of whipped cream for savory food? Hahaha.  Whatever it is, I love it and I promise you, I eat it with just about everything.

I mean, I at least enjoy it once a day.  So tasty, yum! Well, I have finally found my match of a dish.  I have tried long and hard to incorporate pasta and sour cream well, without seeming too weird, but it always turns out just like that: weird.

At least for other people! Well, I searched high and low on Pinterest to find the perfect sour cream and pasta recipe and I found it! This one is so easy and the flavors are so perfectly blended.

The bit of tomato sauce with the sour cream goes a long way and is so worth incorporating.  Also, do not go light on the cheese.  I repeat, DO NOT go light on the cheese.  It needs it and makes it so much better!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Life in the Lofthouse.




Quick Tip: I like to add a little extra tomato sauce!



I love this, but m
y husband doesn’t like tomato sauce, so I have adapted this with cream of celery or cream of mushroom soup. Good either way.

It’s both cans at once. No separate additions. They don’t make the size can needed to fulfill the recipe, so it takes 2 diff sizes

Tomato sauce comes in a plastic carton now. I don’t use can tomatoes they bring out contamination from the can because of the acid content.

The lining of the cans used for tomatoes in any form is carcinogenic. It is necessary because the acid level of tomatoes would eventually eat right through the can.

We always put the cheese only on top. The noodles, sour cream, cottage cheeze and onions are mixed together then layered with the mest and tomato sauce mixture. Personally, I love using ground turkey, ILO ground beef. Either one is fabulous. This is my absolute favorite dish!

Pasta sauce is spaghetti sauce–you can use it OR the suggested plain tomato sauce. (hint: I put the sour cream & the cottage cheese in the blender to make it creamier. I don’t care to see the cottage cheese curds in my casserole)

What can I use instead of cottage cheese. I have never eaten that, and don’t plan to.
Could a can of mushroom soup, ( with out the water that you usually use with it )
Be used, or would I need the water to make enough??? It looks good, and I want to
Try it, but not with CC. Thanks for any help.

I would use ricotta cheese instead of cottage cheese. Don’t think soup would work as replacement for the cheese at all well.

Ricotta would work instead. Don’t use mushroom soup! The cottage cheese the is cheese portion of the casserole. This is like lasagna with sour cream and noodles. . .

this is pretty much the pioneer woman’s recipe that I’ve done, only I use spaghetti sauce. More flavorful.

This recipe sounds delicious. Can’t wait to try it. But my daughter doesn’t like red sauce, so when I make spaghetti I use a mixture of spaghetti sauce and ranch dressing. Sounds weird, but even though it’s pink, she likes it, so I’ll try it here, too.

Do you really put tomato sauce,cheddar cheese and cottage cheese in your Stroganoff?
And her recipe doesn’t include mushrooms, so….

I made this, but didn’t have tomato sauce so I used spaghetti sauce and added some Italian blend cheese with the cheddar. Really good.

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