Savor The Flavor Of Warm Chicken Salad Pie

When I was a kid, I have one favorite salad that my Mom always made.

My mom loved salad a lot; our table was always full of a salad dessert and a salad main course. Back to my favorite Mom salad, I was so in love with her chicken salad. It’s always so chunky and creamy, and there was always that hint of cheese in there. I often used Mom’s chicken salad as a dip for my crackers and my chips. It’s just perfect for that purpose!

I already mastered my Mom’s amazing chicken salad recipe. Whenever I fell in love with a dish, I always find a way to make it and eat it at home with my family. This chicken salad is one of those.

I remember that time when I made my own version of tofu pesto. It’s tofu and pesto enclosed in pita bread and sprinkled with mozzarella cheese. I loved that so much that I found a way to remake it at home.

Speaking of finding a way, I found the most amazing chicken salad recipe. Except that this time, instead of it being just a salad or a dip, it’s actually a pie. Yes, it’s the cheesiest chicken salad pie!

Creamy chicken salad baked into perfection- what more can you ask for? This can serve as a dip too if you like. It’s really one convenient recipe!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Gold Medal Flour.




Quick Tip: If you want to make your own pie crust recipe for this, it’s fine.



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