Sage Rubbed Pork Chops With Dustings Of Parmesan Cheese – Makes You Say Wahoozle!

Just recently, my husband and I visited one of his cousins who lives nearby. We got a call from her a few days before that and she was inviting us for dinner. Since it was a weekend, I was free, and he happened to be free too, so we agreed. I haven’t seen Angela for a long time, but I like her a lot. When I was introduced to his cousins, she was the first one who instantly made me feel welcome. We had exchanged numbers and we constantly send each other text messages. 

Angela cooks well. I think it’s a must in their family. Most of them are really good cooks that will put my easy recipe skills to shame. That night, she served us parmesan sage pork chops. I have eaten a lot of version of this pork chop recipe, but Angela’s has to be one of the best, and I am not just being biased about it.

It’s just that her pork was tender and the flavors taste just right. She also put a secret seasoning that just brought out all the flavors. This parmesan sage pork chop recipe that I will share with you tastes like her savory version. You will definitely love this!

Photo and recipe courtesy of and Recipes For You.




Quick Tip: If you have extra crumbs, put them in a Ziploc bag so you can use it for chicken.



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