Rustic And Old Fashioned, Everyone Should Know How To Make This Bread!

I am a huge bread lover.  I mean, I eat bread with every meal in many different forms.  It may be as a classic bread loaf, little rolls, garlic knots, buns for burgers, or cracker form. Whatever it may be, I have some sort of bread with me at the table.  I just cannot pass up a good basket of bread that is full of delicious butter or garlic or oil.  I always have multiple types of bread on hand.  For example, right now I have sliced bread, pita bread and garlic knots in my fridge.  Yep, I am totally stocked.

Since I love bread so much, I thought it would be a good idea to learn to make my own.  I know bread can be a little complicated, and even somewhat annoying sometimes, but I figured if I love it so much and eat it daily, I might as well go through the trouble of learning. 

I decided to start off with easy stuff, such as no yeast rolls or Dutch oven bread.  Both were simple and quite delicious and then I ran into this recipe.  It is the perfect on the go recipe to have stocked up in your pantry and you will love the taste!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Let The Baking Begin.





Quick Tip: Serve with your favorite topping: butter, jam, etc.



Dough was so runny that it never took shape or was workable. Definitely couldn’t make a jelly roll out there of it. Seems like it needed more flour than 2 cups for that amount of water and milk. I only used 2/3 c of water too. Any suggestion?

You no doubt added all the liquid. Depending on the humidity, add liquid a little at a time. You can also simply kneed in more flour until it is a thick, tough dough.

Gurl… I am going to need a video for this one. It sounds wonderful…but I am more of a visual learner. Got a link to a video?

Why do we need to have the oven at 450 degrees for an hour before baking? That seems like an excessive waste of energy.

OK the part I am confused with is spreading, then jelly roll, then pressing it down to flatten it??????

I agree with Jackie. Needs a video or at least pictures.

Overall, this is a funky recipe. Using AP Flour is a bread makers faux pas. I use semolina or another really good bread flour. Also, unless your bread stone is 2″ thick (unlikely) and you have the slowest oven in the universe, you can preheat your oven with the stone 30 minutes before baking.
OR, you can go with a much easier bread recipe and use the one on the back of the King Arthur Bread Flour bag. Very good bread, easy and versatile. I use it to make cinnamon buns, garlic rolls, pizza dough, etc.

I agree. Never use all purpose flour for bread baking. Ever!
People, especially newbie bakers should head straight over to King Arthur’s Baking blog.

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