This Recipe Made Me Think About Pot Pie In A Whole New Way!

So Comforting And Reassuring – This Is One Of My Favorite Meals In The Whole World!

What dish do you always count on when you’re having a busy day, a snow storm, a sick child or other type of disaster in your life? Maybe that was a little dramatic, but we all know those days when it feels like nothing goes the way it’s supposed to.

My solution for those days has always been chicken pot pie – it has been one of my favorite comfort foods ever since I was a little girl, and I couldn’t even imagine going through a whole month without making it at least once!

For a long time I used to make a traditional chicken pot pie, in the oven, just like my grandmother’s. But for me it was always so time-consuming; why is it that it seems I have literally no extra time at all, for anything special I would like to do?

Well, I don’t feel bad because I found this awesome recipe at Jamerrill’s Large Family Table. Wow, she’s my idol! I wish I had half her energy and positive mindset! You guys should really take a look at her vlog, she is amazing. And this slow cooker chicken pot pie of hers? Totally out of this world.

Recipe and image courtesy of Jamerrill’s Large Family Table – check out her amazing channel and recipes!


Quick Tip: Throw in whatever veggies you happen to have at hand.


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