This Recipe Made Me Think About Pot Pie In A Whole New Way!

So Comforting And Reassuring – This Is One Of My Favorite Meals In The Whole World!

What dish do you always count on when you’re having a busy day, a snow storm, a sick child or other type of disaster in your life? Maybe that was a little dramatic, but we all know those days when it feels like nothing goes the way it’s supposed to.

My solution for those days has always been chicken pot pie – it has been one of my favorite comfort foods ever since I was a little girl, and I couldn’t even imagine going through a whole month without making it at least once!

For a long time I used to make a traditional chicken pot pie, in the oven, just like my grandmother’s. But for me it was always so time-consuming; why is it that it seems I have literally no extra time at all, for anything special I would like to do?

Well, I don’t feel bad because I found this awesome recipe at Jamerrill’s Large Family Table. Wow, she’s my idol! I wish I had half her energy and positive mindset! You guys should really take a look at her vlog, she is amazing. And this slow cooker chicken pot pie of hers? Totally out of this world.

Recipe and image courtesy of YouTube and Jamerrill’s Large Family Table – check out her amazing channel and recipes!


Quick Tip: Throw in whatever veggies you happen to have at hand.


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