You Should Really Make This Blueberry-Flavored Fluffy Cloud Of Happiness Today!

Such A Simple Dessert With Incredible Flavor!

For quite a while now, I’ve been searching for the ultimate, fluffy dessert.

I just have a thing for creamy, fluffy, sweet desserts, and I keep looking for new recipes even though I already have a big box filled with them. It goes without saying that all kinds of ambrosia salads are on my Top 10 list, but sometimes those get a little boring (especially if you make them twice a week…)

Instead of driving my family crazy I decided to make something different this week, and I started browsing for dessert recipes I hadn’t tried yet. I couldn’t steer away from creamy, fluffy things – seriously, I think I’m addicted! But I figured as long as it wasn’t another ambrosia salad, my family would be happy.

I found a really tasty-looking recipe over at Lois’ wonderful blog Stuffed At The Gill’s! It was for a blueberry cheesecake dessert, and it looked so amazing in Lois’ picture that I immediately knew I had to give it a try.

Ladies and gentlemen, this dessert is something else! My family fell in love with it and I don’t think they would mind it if I decided to make this every single day of the week!

Check out Lois’ blog Stuffed At The Gill’s for more, delicious recipes! It’s one of our favorites!


Quick Tip: Do you prefer less sweetness? Omit the sugar from this recipe.


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