Raise Your Hand If You Want Some Rip Roarin’ Snickers Cake! *Raises Hand*

This luscious dessert is definitely set apart from the rest!

Snickers are my favorite chocolate bar.  They have everything I absolutely love: chocolate, caramel, crunchy deliciousness and loads of nuts in it.  That is my favorite type of chocolate bar, for sure! The best part is how much of everything there is.  It is gooey and when you bite the caramel, it just oozes out.  I mean, it really cannot get any better than something like that.

But, I cannot always have an entire chocolate bar whenever I want my sugary Snickers fix.  And honestly, I like to switch things up and keep it fun, so I like to make it a bit different.

I have been looking for a fun way to incorporate all of my favorite elements in Snickers into a great dessert.  Now, that could be a cookie or cupcake, and I have made both of them.

Each of those is different and amazing, but still not exactly what I was looking for.  After looking a bit further, I found that the best thing would be to make a poke cake.

So I searched Pinterest and found an absolutely amazing recipe that is full of everything I love in poke cake form.  I knew I had to give it a try immediately and I did.


Quick Tip: Add any of your favorite candy bars over the top of this one!


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