Praise The Lord Preacher Cake Will Make You Shout From The Pulpit

Oh my word! Take this to the church potluck and people will be singing your praises!

My Aunt Joan lived right down the street from us when we were growing up. She was actually a great-aunt because she was the real aunt to my father. All of her kids were grown and gone by the time we moved into the neighborhood. You could tell that she missed them though because she always did whatever she could to get us to come and spend time with her. Usually, she would lure us in with a yummy dessert. She started with cookies, but that didn’t always work because we would grab one or two and then go right back outside playing.

Then she switched to cakes. This one cake that she made, had me sitting around for hours. It was so good, I never wanted to stop eating it. It was just like this cake that I found on South Your Mouth. It was so moist, sweet, and delicious, that’s all she had to say was she was making cake and we would bring all the kids in the neighborhood over to her place for a piece.

She just lit up with all of us in her house. Now when I make it, I think back to those fun years and precious moments with great Aunt Joan.


Quick Tip: Toss in some raisins before baking.


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