This Poor Man’s Soup Is My Grandma’s Secret Recipe

Make this soup and you’ll never feel poor in your life again.

Poor man’s soup is a quick and easy recipe that will get you the heartiest of soups with the cheapest of ingredients.  This is perfect! When you have a big family to feed, it is sometimes pretty tough to find yourself a good hearty meal that is full of deliciousness without breaking the bank.  Kids are expensive to feed, and husbands? They eat a lot, too so if you are trying to save some money and be more frugal with your spending, you have got to spend some time meal planning!

Well, today I want to help you with that.  I know how hard it can be to save money in the grocery part of our budget without feeling like you are skipping meals, so I asked my good friend and neighbor Anne for some suggestions (with 6 kids, she has got to know a thing or two about saving money).

She told me to try making Poor Man’s soup.  I remembered that my grandma had made this for me when I was younger so I went to her and asked for the recipe.  Guys, her recipe has been passed down from generation to generation and is amazing.  I know you will love this!

Photo and recipe courtesy of All She Cooks.



Quick Tip: Serve this with a side of rolls or loaf of bread.



I’ve been making this for years except I use a can of green beans, can of whole kernel corn and some cabbage.

Just made this the other night…well most of it…what I had. I did have a smoked turkey leg 🙂

use frozen sweet corn and frozen cut beans you will get a lot more flavor out of it and add 2 full tsp of parsley leaves yummy

Call mine T J soup, no carbohydrates, definitely cabbage and onion soup pkgs for more flavor. Good diet soup. Meat added if you have to have it.

I,ve made variations of this over the years using a quart of home canned tomato juice for the base and tossing I. Any leftover verges I have min the fridge. It,s terrific and easy to make

I,ve made variations of this over the years using a quart of homemade tomato juice for the base and tossing in any leftover veges I have in the fridge. It,s terrific and easy to make

Hobo Soup. One of my favorites, but usually reserved for cooler weather. I need a good recipe for gazpacho .

Gazpacho – All done in a blender, but I like to set aside some
cucumber, tomato, celery, onion, and cilantro — chopped fine — to sprinkle on top as I serve it.
This makes a big batch that you can keep in the fridge for many meals.
— 7/8 ripe tomatoes chopped small,
7 stalks of celery chopped small,
a full, long cucumber or two chopped small,
3/4 large red onion chopped small,
fresh garlic chopped small to taste (I use lots),
1 red pepper chopped small, other colours of peppers if you wish,
1/2 to full cup olive oil (I use lots),
half to full cup of Balsamic vinegar,
many tablespoons of Lea & Perrons,
black pepper and salt to taste,
lemon juice to taste.
I also add about 6 cups Clamato juice
Takes three full blenders to make, then combine everything into a huge bowl
store in fridge in Canning jars or ??
Serve with tortilla chips or home made cheese garlic croutons!

Makes a wonderful Shrimp cocktail —
just put 1/2 cup quality cooked shrimp in bottom of a sunday glass or ?? and fill with Gazpacho
Delish! First had this in San Miguel, Mexico and been making it ever since.

You say to add diced frozen veggies, but the picture you show has baby carrots. You say to add ground beef, but the picture you show has beans instead. Which is right – the recipe or the picture?

Roni and Beth are right. The picture is obviously not the same recipe. It’s fine to say, “make substitutions” but the picture should match the recipe.

My family does not like frozen vegetables so I use a can of Veg All large soup vegetables. We like parsnips in the soup too. Great meal on a cold night with honrmade corn muffins.

This is just a basic ground meat & vegetable soup .. nothing special in the ingredients or seasoning. Make it with anything. I save left over vegetables in a container in my freezer for making soup.

But I agree pictures used with a recipe should be according to the recipe. Don’t mislead people. The picture really looks good & different from a normal soup. Thats why I took time to look at the recipe. Was thinking there would be something a little different to try.

Maybe this soup isn’t different for you but it was for me when I made it. As I stated in the recipe, use the veggies that YOU personally want to use.

Instead of bouillon cubes and water, make your own soup broth from any leftover bones. Much healthier than those process bouillon cubes. Less expensive now, and less expensive later in medical bills.

I would definitely use beef broth low sodium instead of the 8 cups of water and 6 beef boullion cubes. If I use cabbage do I par cook it in water first or it will cook fully within the hour

cabbage cooks fairly fast so don’t precook it or it will be mush. Might be anyway if it calls for cooking it for an hour. No, I’d say 30 minutes tops on the cabbage.

OK FOLKS – READ MY LIPS!! Our friend is just trying to say – this soup is adaptable, this soup is economical, this soup is personal, this soup is whatever you want it to be. If it were a Disney movie it would have it’s own song. Got It? Good!

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