Poke Holes In a Bundt Cake And Pour In This Delicious Mixture For a Divine Dessert

You’ll Want To Eat This Straight From The Pan

Nothing beats a nice bundt cake, if you ask me. I’ve tried all kinds of fancy cake recipes; old-fashioned and modern, but somehow I always come back to the simple ones. They just taste so good! And I love the fact that they are easy to make – I usually don’t have time for complicated recipes.

This bundt cake from There’s A Hippy In The Kitchen, is an exceptionally delicious one. I think it’s been a couple of years already since the first time I made this, and I immediately fell in love.

I pretty much always have these ingredients at hand, so whenever the craving hits me I can make this cake. Thanks to the soaking mixture, this turns out so incredibly moist and yummy that you don’t necessarily have to add the glaze – but of course you could top this with any kind of frosting your heart desires.

Usually I just serve this as is, but if I make this for a special occasion I either make the glaze according to this recipe, or I drizzle some melted chocolate on top for decoration.

Recipe and image courtesy of There’s A Hippy In The Kitchen.


Quick Tip: This cake doesn’t really need any glaze or frosting, it’s so delicious!



If you click on the “There’s a hippy in the kitchen” link it will take you to where this recipe originated and you can then easily view without adds and print.

Place your mouse over the recipe and run it down to the end and the print will show in blue shadow. Click on the right and a menu will come up to copy. Then go to wordpad is the program I use or Microsoft word program and on a blank page click once again and paste. Arrange your recipe how you want it to read and might have to title it at the top which I do and then go to the top and under file, click save as and put in the name you want it to save under. Then you have a recipe you can print later if want to.

That’s 6 steps and don’t know WHAT you’re talkin about in 2 of them. I do it in 2 and much easier.

What is the soaking mixture that u set aside.
I’ve only seen the left over pineapple juice
This recipe needs to be fixed, because you left that out

Everything in the recipe showed up on my phone…maybe print is being lost on SOME phones or computers because of technical glitches.

Why don’t all of you take a chill pill and fully read the recipe. It is very clear with all of the ingredients. Or all of you novices in the kitchen. Gee!!!

Confused re. Pineapple juice. My can of crushed pineapple only had 3/4 cup of juice….. Recipe too confusing!!!!!

I wonder how it would work if I used brown sugar in place of the powdered sugar in the soaking glaze? I’m thinking about melting it in a pot to dissolve the brown sugar. That would make it similar to a pineapple upside down cake, which I love! I think I’m going to try that this weekend! I’ll let you know how it turns out!

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