Perky Potatoes Au Gratin Make The PERFECT Side Dish For Those Holiday Dinners

My mom used to make us au gratin potatoes…from a box.

She never had much time to spend in the kitchen, and the ones we had weren’t bad. I remember the first time I saw them at my Grandma’s house in homemade form. I didn’t want to taste them because they looked funny….well compared to what I was used to. My mom told me to at least take a bite and I’m so glad I listened to her.

They were much, much better than the other kind and I started asking my mom all kinds of questions about why she didn’t make these. She said they took too long so I offered to help her. She got the recipe from Grams, which was very similar to this one from All Recipes, and we started bonding over creating this dish regularly at our house.

Now, I make it for my kids, and I can’t wait for my daughter to reach the age where she can help me!





Quick Tip: Toss in some ham or bacon and make it a meal.


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This is a very old recipe which I learned to make in my Home Economics class in junior high, many moons ago. Still a basic and very easy recipe for scalloped potatoes which have been renamed to whatever fancy name they want to call them.

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