People Will Tip Their Hats Off To You For This Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole

On most weekdays, my family is usually pretty happy with eating cereal, freezer waffles, or even toast in the morning. Sometimes it’s nice to do something a little extra though. Especially when the weekend rolls around and there’s a little more time in the mornings to fire up the oven before heading out for sports games, a nice breakfast casserole like this one is a real crowd pleaser.

I was worried about it at first because of the spinach. You know how kids get when they hear that there is spinach in their food. One bite and my little ones forgot that the leafy vegetable was even in there.

It could have been the crispy and delicious tator tots on top or the yummy cheese smothering everything, either way, I felt good knowing my kids had a little nutrition with their meal rather than eating those extra sugary breakfast options. Sure the tator tots aren’t extremely healthy but, you gotta have a little fun right?

This dish only takes a few minutes to prepare and then I can pop it in the oven and get myself ready for the day. The aroma carried through the house usually wakes everyone else up and they are all in a good mood knowing they have a plate of this homemade deliciousness waiting for them!
Recipe courtesy of Recipe Lion. Photo credits to She Knows.



Quick Tip: Try it with pepper jack cheese for an extra zip.


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