Orange You Glad You Made This Creamsicle Cake?

As kids, we’re not really conscious about the details most especially if it involved food.

For example, when you give me a slice of dark chocolate cake, it’s still just chocolate cake to me. If you give me fried sweet potatoes, it’s still french fries to me. Whether you hand me a slice of pork chop or a slice of Angus beef, it’s still just meat to me. So everything that tasted citrusy was always lemon cake to me. Lemon cake was the citrusy cake that Mom always made for us so anything that tasted similar was just lemon cake to me.

Which is why I couldn’t blame Darla. Darla was one of my friend’s kids who looked like the most adorable cherub. She’s 7-years-old and has the most glorious short curls and really rosy cheeks. I attended a party where her mom had brought her. It wasn’t really a party for kids. It’s tea party for goodness sake. Even I was only there because I accompanied a friend. Darla was bored and kept asking her mom to go home. Her mom kept telling her to behave and just get herself a piece of one of those cakes on the table.

When Darla came back, she was wearing a pout and loudly told everyone that there was nothing left but that red velvet cheesecake that looked like it was “washed out” and she didn’t want to eat something that crappy. My friend had to apologize to the one who brought the dessert. It was actually a creamsicle and it tasted really good. It’s just that it was “red velvet” in Darla’s innocent eyes.




Quick Tip: Serve with coffee or tea. Or for cold beverage, serve with lemonade.


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