Old-Fashioned Skillet Cooked Burgers

Got a sudden party to host? Don’t fret.

Take it from me. My friends are fond of impromptu get-togethers. And guess where we all end up? Yes, in my house. So what can I do to be the perfect host to a fairly numbered group of people? I improvise. I just don my favorite summer shirt, gather whatever I have in the fridge and the cupboard, fire up my grill in the backyard, and then I’m good to go.

Ah. Summers. It’s the time for these types of party. When the sun is up and shining nicely, everyone wants to play. The aroma of barbecue flavors everywhere sifting through the air is simply mouthwatering. Sausages, beef, steak, pork chops, and of course the ultimate grill king—burgers.

I just add my favorite 80s and 90s music in the background and I get away with having only burgers for a party.




Quick Tip: Flip the burgers once for those nice grill marks if opting to use the grill instead of the cast iron frying pan.



It did present well in the picture and glad you added the comment to resolve that issue. Also the addition of some possible add-ins for people. A good example for me that I learned very quickly, the the flavor of Worcester Sauce is quite powerful, and for my taste, should be used and added sparingly. But it gives a great addition to the burger; and another great addition, even i do not like blue cheese dressings nor crumbled in salads, It does wonders for hamburger flavor.

It all depends on how many your feeding.. 1 pound should be good for 3 good size patties 4 if ya like them meduim size.. so go off That ratio . If you want green peppers and onion .. half of a onion chopped per pound unless i love onion then use a whole onion lol .1 whole green pepper chopped.. chives or shallets are a good substitutes for onions too not as stronge.

They look delicious, for sure! I like the idea of cooking them over the top of onions etc. I would definitely cook them a lot longer though. Ground meat needs to be well cooked IMO, because bacteria is often present in ground meat. I cook them until there’s no more juice or liquid coming out of them when I press them down each time, after turning them over. Just my way thoughts on cooking ground meat.

I agree with Mary Lou, ground meat must be cooked thoroughly. I would recommend you amend your Quick Tip as this is a health issue.

Interesting article. It’s a shame that your site doesn’t allow viewers to print or copy for later use. With that this is probably my last time for me to visit this site.

You can bookmark any recipes you’d like to keep for later you know. I have folders set up in “favorites” marked “Meat” “Desserts” “Side Dishes” etc. and just save to the appropriate folder. Eazy peazy!! It’s also pretty easy to copy and paste to a word file.

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