Odds And Ends Cheesy Vegetable Soup

Dad was famous for his soups and stews. Whenever he made one,  you never really knew what to expect. He was the master at throwing things together in a pot that didn’t really seem like it belonged.

That’s how he came up with his odds and ends style vegetable soup…which isn’t really vegetable soup at all. There is a hamburger, bacon, and all kinds of vegetables inside. To top it off, there a big helping of ooeey gooey cheese melted inside too.

The same kind of recipe is found in Recipe Lion, which I found hard to believe because I thought my father was the only one that would ever come up with something so…interesting. I have tried the recipe myself at home now that I am older.

It doesn’t always look the most appealing, but it tastes fantastic. This recipe here makes a great big portion to so you can feed a large group.

Serve it with some french bread, crouton, or crackers, and you can be sure everyone will walk away from the table satisfied.

Recipe courtesy of Group Recipes. Photo credits go to Averie Cooks.


Quick Tip: Use whatever vegetables you have on hand.



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