Not Too Terribly Sweet Potato Casserole

Every year for the holidays I end up making a super sweet, sweet potato casserole that everyone really enjoys.

However, my husband’s grandpa is diabetic and all of that sugar just sends his insulin levels through the roof. However, that doesn’t stop him from eating the casserole and scaring the ever-loving daylights out of us all. So, this year, I’m going to take a different approach to sweet potato casserole and make a savory dish instead. This recipe leaves out all of the marshmallows and sugar and combines savory ingredients with the sweet potatoes.

Now, I may have some very disappointed family members but they will get over it. Or, I can just make a classic sweet potato dish and hide it from grandpa. LOL Nah, he would find it and eat himself into a diabetic coma.

It’s bad enough he will be guzzling down eggnog by the barrel-full. So, yeah, if you want to ditch the sugar give this not-so-sweet sweet potato casserole a shot!




Fun Fact: My family may be one of ten who really doesn’t like the marshmallowy, brown sugary cloying sweetness of most sweet potato casseroles.


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