No One Will Ever Get Bored Of Grandma’s Old Fashioned Custard Style Rice Pudding!

Rice pudding.  A wonderful creation.  I do not have any idea who possibly came up with the idea of throwing sugar and milk into rice, but I am thankful they did, because I never would have. I am the worst at planning and preparing recipes that do not seem traditional, at best.  But with time, I have learned that it does not need to be so.  Unconventional recipes can sometimes turn out to be the very best.

That’s what my grandma used to say anyway. I remember years and years ago, when I was a little girl, my grandma was always in the kitchen.  She never took a cooking class in her life, but that woman cooked like a top notch chef.

She always had something utterly delicious on the table, and every single time you would step into her house, there was some sort of sweets ready for you to devour. I am not sure if it was always so, or if she just made sure to have stuff for when we came over.  Anyhow, my grandma would very often make this custard rice pudding and it would knock my socks off!

This is the ultimate comfort food and your family will be very grateful if you make this for them!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Tastes Better From Scratch.




Quick Tip: Add in your favorite toppings like chocolate chips, raisins or dried cranberries.



Thank you for sharing your family recipe. My Momma made the best rice pudding. She always baked her rice pudding and bread pudding in her big yellow mixing bowl. I now have her bowl and treasure it as it makes me think of her when I bake my puddings. Hope all of you ladies have a wonderful Mothers Day.

Hi Patty, hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day as well. Would you be open to sharing your Momma’s bread pudding recipe? Thank you in advance. I can’t find a recipe I like. The old fashioned ones are always the best! I hope I’m not offending by asking, that was never the intention. If you wouldn’t mind sharing, please email me at [email protected]. Whatever your choice will be, thank you for reading my comment.

I have a very good simple bread pudding recipe made in the microwave if you can believe it the lemon juice is the secret.Here’s the recipe
1/4 cup melted butter in a 1qt casserole dish (45 sec-1 min on full power) 4 slices cubed bread ,2/3cup sugar 1tsp lemon peel grated,2 tbsp. lemon juice,1/3 cup raisins. Add all to melted butter.Mix 1 cup milk and 3eggs, pour over bread mixture sprinkle with cinnamon then place into a baking dish with 1 cup of warm water in it.Cook uncovered on full power for 10 to 12 min may seem a bit unbaked but as it cools a bit it thickens up of course you have to top with cream or icecream. enjoy, would like to hear your comments

you can use the same recipe that is here for the rice pudding. just tear bread, I use raisin bread, into pieces and put the milk, cream, egg mixture over it. I would add two egg yolks to this recipe to make it richer and more custardy and bake at 325. 350 is too high for custard it could break. don’t stir just bake in water bath until set. insert knife into pudding about 3/4 of the way in. if it comes out clean its done. might still jiggle a bit in the middle. let cool and enjoy

My mom used to make all her casserole type things in her big yellow bowl too! Squash casserole, green bean casserole…..Oh and potato salad was always in that bowl too! Love those memories and the cool thing about it is, that every time I make something in that bowl, it reminds me of when I was a kid. Mom is still with me, but I’m the one making the food now!! Enjoy your memories honey! 🙂

Patty that is so funny!! I remember a big yellow (on the outside white on the inside) bowl too!! Not sure that anyone actually put it in the oven though… I guess that was the “in thing” back then (70’s… I’m 49 now)

LOL!! My mom got the pyrex big yellow mixing bowl set (smaller red, blue, green) when she got married in 1949. My brother and I fought over who got the yellow one (known as the potato salad bowl no matter what was made in it) and now that he is gone, I get all teary over it (he won and had it when he got his first apartment) I see the same set still being produced and know they should be all over the place in antique and thrift stores, but no, they go for an obscene amount!

Yes they do. People go nuts with the pricing of vintage pyrex. I’m still trying to replace my moms collection that went missing when she passed. All pyrex is safe for the oven by the way..

I’m 63 and was given that bowl for a wedding gift in 1972. It came in a set of 4 mixing bowls. They could go in the oven. I still have all the bowls and they are great!!

Highlight it, right click on anything blue and check print from the list that pops up. You can copy & paste to your notebook too.

Hi There – Would you mind sharing more details on this tip? It sounds like something I’d love to try. What brand “custard” pudding? Do you add from the box in powder form or do you make first and add the actual prepared pudding? Thank you in advance!!

I make my custard in my pressure. Takes 3 minutes. 3 minutes!! You heard me right. It is delicious hot or cold if you can wait that long to eat it. It’s from the old Presto pressure cooker cookbook. Also has a bread pudding recipe..15 min.

I don’t have an oven. You think Iit would work in a crackpot. Think ill try canned miĺk . Give me some ideas please.

My grandmother and mother all maid this pudding you must have gotten it from a old cook book as all your recipes are already in use for years . Don’t have to be a chef to cook .Easy thing to do.

I love all the replies here and of course the recipes. My mom used to make bread pudding with lemon sauce on the top. OMGosg…to die for. We bought milk from a dairy in glass jugs with the cream at the top. So this would be what she used for whipping cream and butter when she overwhipped the cream. ?. She too had the Pyrex mixing bowls and the yellow was for potatoes salad, the green one for fruit salad. We would pack them up every year for the family reunion out an old hall somewhere. We as kids ran all over the place without fear and our parents played pinocle with the adults for the entire day. These are memories of a healthy childhood when children couldn’t wait to get outside to play and improvise what to do. No electronics or many obese children then. My sister was a bit chubby but that was her natural self, not a result of net surfing and game playing all day.

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