Merry Meyer Lemon Tart – Pucker Up!

Some might think of desserts with lemon flavors as a summertime food. However, i find that things like this lemon tart truly invoke the holiday spirit. Plus, I love lemon, especially Meyer Lemons, and this yummy tart really makes me happy. Take a break from all the holiday fudge, cookies, and pies and whip up a lemon tart for your holiday guests to enjoy. It’s not that hard to make and the results are seriously tasty. I made this lemon tart for a holiday church function last year and it was a huge hit.

Who knows. if you show up to a holiday dinner with this lemon tart in tow you might even impress your mother-in-law with your baking skills. Now, that would be worth the effort in my book haha! From the graham cracker crust to the silky filling there really isn’t anything not to love about this sweet and tangy tart.

I recommend serving it in small slices as it is very rich but then again I tend to “go for it” when I’m noshing on a dessert such as this one. Whatever you do just make sure to enjoy yourself 🙂

Recipe courtesy of Group Recipes and Food52.


Quick Tip: Sprinkle red and green colored sugar on the top of this tart for an authentic Christmas appeal.


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