These Meat Pies Are Magical!

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There are times when we miss my grandmother so much that it gives the atmosphere a melancholic feel that wouldn’t go away even until after the reunion.

We usually don’t mean to, but whenever there’s a recipe that didn’t go as planned, we would always remember grandma. She was so meticulous when it came to the kitchen. She always wanted everything to be perfect because she wanted everyone to enjoy the food. I remember her scolding even my grandfather when he was being a nuisance in the kitchen. My grandfather loved eating a few pieces of what’s been cooked and grandma hated that.

remember her scolding even my grandfather when he was being a nuisance in the kitchen. My grandfather loved eating a few pieces of what’s been cooked and grandma hated that.

One time, Aunt Beth and one of my cousins were the ones designated to cook dinner. We were having meat pies that night because everyone wanted something light yet savory. The voting resulted to having meat pies.

My cousin, who was a bit tired that day (she came straight from work), made a mistake of putting sugar in the meat instead of salt. In the end, it tasted like one of those meat buns you could buy in Chinese restaurants. Aunt Beth didn’t get furious at her, but she told us that if she was grandma, my cousins ears would have been torn off and she would have been banned in the kitchen.


Quick Tip: Traditionally served with ketchup, but you can also serve them with gravy.



Hi! Is the meat and all the vegetables raw when you stuff your meat pies? It all cooks while baking? This makes 4 pies? It looks delicious. I’ve never cooked rutabaga before… would this work with just potatoes? What type of flavor does rutabaga add? Thank you!

Rutabega is a sweet orange turnip. Don’t get one that’s hard as a rock. I would suggest cooking everything. Boil the potatoes and turnip. Fry meat and onions. Then mash all together. You can use carrots as well. I suggest lots of garlic as well in the meat.

Gary – from looking at the temp & time suggested to bake, sounds to me like the mixture would be raw – just like the way my Mother made them back I the day. Just a suggestion. For the record, I will try these – sound delicious!

This is better known as Pasties, my family prefers with just potato’s and made in a pie tin just roll out the crust, put in tin, add meat, salt and pepper, meat and top of potatoes. add fine
chopped onion, celery if wanted, then sliced potato;s, top with crust bake 45-60 minutes @ 350, until fork inserted to test potatoes are done. Ketchup, or beef gravy is served with it. You can buy these anywhere in Michigan, in the UP there are pasty shops every where.

All the vegetables will be put in raw and cook to tender in the pie. I use half a turnip and the rutabage along with the potatoes. It is so good and here in Michigan we love them. Hope this helps.

These sound like pasties. Same question as Marie – are the meat and vegetables raw or cooked? Also, can these be made ahead and frozen? If so, should they be defrosted then reheated or reheated from frozen? Thanks!!

They’re exactly like pasties, veggies and meat are raw. Don’t worry comes out perfect. I defrost them in microwave then reheat, (before the microwave), I’d wrap them in foil to reheat in the oven. Serve them with gravy or catsup! Yummy!

These are really are pasties, they were very popular in Butte Montana during the mining years and are still very popular. I still make them but will try this recips as there are more ingredients than in the ones I make. Thanks

I have made similar ones. Cook the meat and veggies. Althought I wouldn’t cook the veggies all the way because they will cook in the oven. If cooked too long in the prep stage, they may get mushy while baking. Hope this helps

Interesting recipe but I would cook everything first …let it cool somewhat and then make the meat patties and then bake….

They are all raw, that’s what keeps them moist and juicy. The key is just making sure your veggies are diced roughly the same size. They cook very nicely and uniform at 350 for about 45 minutes. I make them all the time in the winter.

I took my own spin on this recipe and added shredded cheddar cheese precooked the filling, placed it in the pastry and deepfried them, oh sooooo good. just saying

Sounds wonderful, thanks for sharing this recipe…I will definitely make these soon. Always, out of respect to the cook, I will make them exactly as the recipe calls then next time change it up a little if I feel the need 🙂

True pasties have lard instead of Crisco in the crust, no parsley and cut the amount of rutabaga and potatoes to 1 cup of each and add 1 cup diced carrots. I have a recipe from my aunt who spent all of her adult life in the U.P. of Michigan. It was such a treat to go visit. She made pasties every time and they were so much better than the pasty shops. Of course, lard isn’t good for you but everything in moderation….

The photo looks like tots, but i see there is a cup of filling in each crust! So that filling will make 12 cups?? And that crust will be enough dough to make 12 crusts? Doesnt look like it would make that many!,!

I have made something similar and our family loves it! I’ll try your recipe next. I find that using my Birds Hill Enterprises Pocket Pie Machine I can really speed things up.

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