Make This Poppy Seed Lemon Torte Just The Way Grandma Used Too

Grandma Lory is not really my grandmother. My grandmother had passed away years ago due to a heart attack. But Grandma Lory is the sister closest to her. And after my grandmother passed away, she was the one who took her position as our grandma. The only problem was, she lived in another country. And because of that, we rarely saw each other. It was a good thing my uncle taught her how to use Skype so we were able to still talk to her a lot.

She is quite adept with technology, something that isn’t so common. And we’re just glad for it.I always remember Grandma Lory because of her cakes and desserts. One of her most famous ones was her poppy seed bread.

During that time, I wasn’t very appreciative of it. But I have learned to appreciate poppy seed cakes more now because of Arlene, my friend who’s obsessed with them. This poppy seed torte recipe reminds me of Grandma Lory’s very own poppy seed bread that tasted like lemon. This torte is a whole lot different from her bread recipe, but it has its own unique taste that you will definitely fall in love with. 


Photo and recipe courtesy of Taste Of Home.



Quick Tip: If you use sugar instead of the sugar blend, you use twice the amount of sugar as the sugar blend.  



Nowhere in the recipe do I see any form of lemon. Is this an oversight or is the name of the torte a joke? Really, it looks great and I can see that the flavor would be greatly enhanced with lemon. Thanks!!

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