Make Your Hubby Happy 5 Ingredient Dump Cake

My husband has the sweetest tooth of anyone I have ever met. He could have a dessert after every meal…if I made it for him. Now, it’s not the healthiest idea to eat a super sweet cake or pie after every meal, but I do like to surprise my hard-working guy once in a while with one of his favorite treats.

When I found this recipe at Recipe Lion, I knew that it was going to be the perfect option for me and my family. It looked simple to make, which is what I need with my busy lifestyle, and it had all of my husband’s favorite flavors.

I grabbed up the ingredients at the shopping center the next time I went, and I made it for him the very next day. When he got home from his twelve hour shift, he gobbled down dinner it what seemed like about two fork fulls.

I knew he was still going to be hungry so I told him to stay put and brought him a nice plate of this with some ice cream. His face light up like it was Christmas. He devoured the whole dish and then went back for seconds later on that night.

This is one of my new favorites to make because it’s just so simple! Everyone is happy when this comes out of the oven.

Recipe courtesy of Recipe Lion. Photo credits go to My Kitchen Addictions.


Quick Tip: Try with chopped pecans or almonds.



I layer 20oz. crushed pineapple, Comstock or any brand, Apple pie filling, sprinkle nutmeg over apples, add yellow cake mix. I melt 1 stick of butter. Pour over entire surface, use spatula or back of a large spoon to make sure entire surface is covered, otherwise when it bakes you will have some dry areas that don’t get crunchy. Spice cake has a different consistency than yellow. Does not taste as good to me. It’s yummy!! Try it with your favorite fruits. Peaches and apples also great!! Add some vanilla flavor to peaches, stir before layering. Yellow cake mix only one I use now.

Dump in the pineapple then the cherry pie filling then the cake mix then the nuts (then I put coconut) and then put pats of butter all over the top and bake. Easy Peezy!! And delicious I make it all the time my family and friends love it. I also spray my pan with pam or something similar so cleanup is easy.

It means don’t add any thing to the cake mix before putting it in the pan. Just the cake mix powder over the canned fruit, then butter on top. No stirring or mixing.

Barb is rude and incorrect. After u layer what they are saying , add your cake mix and dot with butter.. it is better in my opinion to melt the butter then drizzle over the cake mix.

No worries Darlene. Lots of people get stumped when they see dry cake mix because you’re used to adding eggs and oil etc. so you dump the dry cake mix on the cherry and pineapple layers and the cake mix will absorb the juices from the fruit layers. It’s an old recipe but a good one.

I use 20 oz cans of pie filling and pineapple. Ree Drummond has this on food network website without the nuts. It bakes for 45-55 minutes there too. Cake mix gets nice crunchy crust.

Ree Drummond uses 20 oz can of cherry pie filling and 15 oz can of crushed pineapple. Also 18 oz boxed cake mix. BTW she uses 1 1/2 sticks of butter.

I use the 20 oz. Crushed pinrapple because I love it. The picture was taken before the dry cske mix, butter and nuts were put on top before baking. Blueberry pie filling can be used in place of the cherry.
I like to use butter pecan. Or cherry chip cake mix. Experiment a little. I also melt the butter and pour over the cake (also use 1 1/2 – 2 sticks of margarine).

Never have seen the recipe with pineapple or nuts! We use apple pie filling a lot – try it with a spice cake mix or add some cinnamon with the filling. Many times we use 1 can of apple filling and 1 of cherry and when I want to make a huge batch for Hubs to take to work I will use 1 can of apple, 1 cherry and 1 blueberry. Strawberry rhubarb is also good. One combo I keep wanting to try but haven’t yet is cherry pie filling with a chocolate cake mix – like black forest (without the pineapple though). I rememember my mom making this when I was a teen.

pam spencer no put in pineapple. cherry, then sprinkle cake mix to cover fruit then the butter and

I originally read it the same way you did. You reserve 1/4 cup of the nuts, not the cake mix. The extra nuts go on top of the cake mix and butter.

Recipe says fruit first mixed together, then the pecans, then put the cake mix on top of the nuts then add the butter.

Recipe does not call for cake mix first: Spread in layers, crushed pineapple, cherry pie filling, chopped pecans (reserving (1/4 cup), dry cake mix, butter (cut-up in small pieces) and remaining pecans

Julie this is so very easy it doesn’t seem like it would work but its awesome. I make them all the time, fast n easy

All you people have to do is google Dump Cake.
This is not rocket science at all Seems most people can not read or comprehend. It’s a pity ?

Thought I was the only one wondering if people were reading the directions. Lord, how hard is it to follow directions? Maybe some of these commenters shouldn’t in the kitchen…geez

Sounds great however if you put the fruit on the bottom why does the picture show the fruit on top? Very confused.

It really doesn’t matter the order in which you place the ingredients. Do it how you prefer 🙂

The poster explained along this tgread that the photo had been taken before the cake mix was added.!

Great ideas all around. I live in Canada and I have never heard of this but I sure will try it multiple times using variations suggested. My crowd are sure to delight. October is Hallowe’en month. Think I might try with spice cake, pumpkin pie filling, raisin pie filling, pecans and cinnamon/cloves. Mmmm Thanks everyone.

you are right the directions were vague…why cant people just be kind to each other there is no need for sarcasim

I’m with you on this one Marguerite 🙂 I bake ALL the time and right from the get go, it’s the picture that is confusing everyone. This is what it looks like after the first 2 steps with the crushed pineapple and cherry pie filling… there should have been a photo of the “finished and baked” dump cake and no one would be questioning the steps. That’s just my thought! I’ll be making this as soon as I pick up some crushed pineapple. I can’t wait to taste and serve it 🙂

Looks delish, might try this combination next. I have made dump cake with apple pie filling and also blueberry pie filling (not mixed together) the family loves it!

It is so easy, and yes, I’ve made this so many times. We just love it and so does everyone else that I make it for. The recipe explains how to do it, and it’s all done within the cake pan. No messy dishes except for what I melt the butter in.
I’ve used blueberries, blackberries pie filling. Experiment with it. You have nothing to lose. It always comes out good.

I’m cooking it right now. But the dry cake is not cooking into cake on the top. Is it just suppose to get crunchy on the top?

It’s called dump cake you just dump everything in. A friend are used to work with made this like once a week and brought it to work it’s wonderful

I have made this since high school (way back when, LOL), using fresh sweetened fruit or berries instead of canned. I’ve never used the pineapple so will have to try it. Usually I use fresh peaches, nectarines, pie cherries, blackberries and apples. I live on a farm with fresh fruit in season and can my own, I’ve never purchased canned pie filling! It’s fast and disappears quickly. We use ice cream or fresh whipped cream on top.

I ate this for the first time back around 1978. I’m not crazy about crushed pineapple, so I se the tidbits. When I take it to church, if I want some I have to get a serving and put it to the side or I don’t get any. The same goes when I make it with canned peaches and pecans. I recently came across apple dump cake. My husband loves it! I haven’t made the cherry in a while, I believe I will make it for our once a month fellowship meal at church this month. If you haven’t tried this, it is so easy and delicious! Tastes wonderful if it is still warm or popit in the micro-wave for a few seconds…..

Allergies to pineapple. Can I use a different fruit suck as Apple or part? Any suggestions for comb
greatly appreciated.

I have been making this cake for as long as I can remember. It is delicious. You can pretty much use any pie filling you want. The cake makes a beautiful, crunchy top. I think I’ll make one today!

How much is a STICK of butter? It was hard to even find the instructions because of all the ads. It does sound delicious! Thank you.

@ Farmers Daughter, When you use fresh fruit, do you add anything like sugar or flour? Pie filling has a lot of heavy syrup. I would prefer the fresh fruit when available. Of course it’s extra work with pealing and slicing.

I’ve done something similar using strawberries & rhubarb that was really tasty. Instead of either using little dabs of butter (which is time consuming) or melting it and pouring it over (which means you’ll miss covering a lot of the dry cake mix) I froze a stick of butter (which equals 1/2 cup) and then grated it. It was more than enough to thoroughly and evenly cover all of the cake mix AND saves you a half cup of butter’s worth of calories (that’s more than 800 calories).
And for those of you confused the the picture, I think if you look closely you’ll see that it’s taken after the pineapple & cherries have been added but before the nuts, cake mix & butter.

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